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Interview with Kix | Brian Forsythe: «We’re going to keep going until the wheels fall off»



Hi Brian, we want to thank you for this conversation. Any plans for a new album?

Brian Forsythe: Eventually. We have been talking about it but we’ve been busy playing so much, it’s hard to find time to work on anything at the moment.




 What about your tour. How is it going?

Brian Forsythe: Really well! It’s been pretty much non-stop since the beginning of the year. October was our only break.


 Any plans to see you in Europe?

Brian Forsythe: Not that I know of but you never know.




 How the decision of recording again came up?

Brian Forsythe: I’m assuming you’re referring to the Rock Your Face off record? We were constantly being asked by our fans and in interviews about the possibility of a new record so it got us thinking about it. Then when we did the Live In Baltimore DVD and signed a distribution deal with Frontiers Records, part of the deal was for a new studio album as well. The DVD deal fell through but by then we had already started working on songs for a new record. That is when we hooked up with Loud & Proud Records.



How as the process of recording after all these years?

Brian Forsythe: It’s a lot different. There was no ProTools back in the old days. We did the initial tracks at Mark Schenker’s house studio and only went to a proper recording studio to track drums and some guitar over dubs. We played to a programed drum track for the basic tracks and then Jimmy went back and played real drums after the fact. Which is totally backwards from how we used to do it.




You celebrated your 30th anniversary last year and you released Fuse 30 Reblown. Tell us how that came about?

Brian Forsythe: Mark Schenker was the mastermind behind that one. He inquired about the original master tapes and found it was fairly easy to obtain them. Once he did, he got Beau Hill involved and it all came together after that.



The band, in my opinion, never got the recognition which deserves. However, there are many fans of yours out there. How do you feel about it?

Brian Forsythe: Yeah, after the success of Blow My Fuse, we thought Hot Wire would take us all the way to the top but Nirvana showed up on the scene and took the wind out of the hard rock sails. I was bummed at the time but we’re still going steady so I can’t complain too much.



Do you feel liberated now from all this 80’s era and more comfortable to express your music kind the way you want to?

Brian Forsythe: As a band, we’re still conscious of our style and don’t want to deviate from it too much. We never did have that classic ’80s sound to begin with so that helps in not sounding too dated.



You have always had a unique style even thought when metal was more popular. What in your view is what stood out to you?

Brian Forsythe: Ronnie, Donnie (Purnell) and I started the band way back at the end of 1977 so we’re more a product of the ’70s than the ‘80s. We were pre-Van Halen and most ’80s bands were post-Van Halen.



What about the future?

Brian Forsythe: We’re going to keep going until the wheels fall off! What else am I going to do?



If you could go back in time, what would you change and why?

Brian Forsythe: The only thing I can think of to have done differently is to have maybe paid a little more attention when it came to finances and to the technical side of things in the studio during recording sessions.



Do you want to say something to your Greek fans?

Brian Forsythe: We appreciate all our fans around the world, you are the reason we can keep this thing going! Maybe some day we’ll make it over there to play.






Chris Mouskos, Elena Manta


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