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Interview with Eve To Adam | «Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it.That's my message to whoever is trying for something»



First of all, I'd like to thank you for this interview

Taki Sassaris: It's my pleasure and I'd really like to thank you. It is my dream to bring Eve to Adam to Greece and communicate with the Greek audience


Would you like to tell us a few things about how the band started and the story behind the name?

Taki Sassaris: The band started in New York in 2001. My brother was the drummer and my partner in the band. He does not tour with us anymore but he still has a role in everything. He is our 'baby' to say. We started on July 24th, 2001, that was the date our first album "Auburn Slip" was released. We are a band from New York so everything is related to the Big Apple.
Our name came from the famous John Milton poem "Paradise Lost". It refers to life as a painting, you see through the eyes of human experience, the temptations and the ups and downs of being a human. How our lives are formed from our choices and the decisions we take. It is a name that combines everything, human experience and of course a name that puts the woman first, as it should always be. When you are coming with a band name, you never know how it's gonna go but for 20 years now it's a name that stands the test of time and makes it easier for new fans to discover us. Many call us ETA to make it easier but at the end we are Eve to Adam from the John Milton poem.


What's it like to be in the same band with your brother?

Taki Sassaris: It is great and sometimes it sucks. I couldn't do it without him. He is my best friend and a great partner. I love him totally. We are very close. Most siblings have good relationships but probably are not as close as we are. Remember the Gallagher brothers? Liam and Noel? They had their moments (laughs). We have disagreements, as all siblings do, but it's great to know that someone has your back and there is trust. We are Greeks; our father is from a small village south of Sparta so we are united like the 300. It is very nice. I wouldn't't change a thing. If I could start over, I'd do it the same way.



What music influences did you have?

Taki Sassaris: To be honest, I grew up with MTV in the late 80’s and early 90’s. We are a mix of 80's and 90's rock. Some of our fans may think that we are something between the best of the 80's and 90's grunge but maybe with more of a metal sound like Alice in Chains and Soundgarden who had more of an influence from classic power heavy metal.


Would you like to tell us a few things about your next tour and what other plans you have for the future?

Taki Sassaris: We are very happy because we've taken the band to the next level this past 18 months with the help of our record company Curtain Call Records. We released an album last year around this time of year called 'Ithaca' and it was warmly received and a good come back for us after the break since 'Locked and Loaded'. We made it for the first time in the BIllboard Top 20 of a radio station here in the US with 'Day Drinkin'. We also released a single, 'Altitude' which debuted on the rock radio chart billboard - mainstream rock chart as a number 1 song about 2 weeks ago. We are working very hard all year long, but especially these last 16 months we've been playing so many shows and we try to be contemporary and active in the rock scene. This helps us communicate our music and yes, the album is doing really well. Radio has been very friendly to us and we really want to thank everyone who supports us. It's not easy. Nothing in life is easy and we fight for it. We love what we are doing, we love our fans and we 'shove' ourselves in the music. What makes us even more happy is the fact that we will support Queensryche on their tour starting in January 2020. We will be opening for them in 30 shows on their 'Verdict' tour and also we will have in our line up an extraordinary guitarist, Joan 5 from Rob Zombie. It will be an amazing musical journey with a fantastic guitarist and of course 'Ryche who, once again, are rocking it out. They are one of my favourite bands and one of the reasons I started singing. Geoff Tate and his amazing vocals and of course now Todd LaTorre. It is a unique opportunity for us to live this next to this kind of musicians. We'll go to 30 different cities, it will be amazing. And I have to say ticket sales are going great already.


Any plans for a new album or single?

Taki Sassaris: Sure. We are going back to the studio in November or December before the tour and we'll be working on a follow up to 'Ithaca', which will be released in early 2020, maybe April. So yeah, we are working on new music. As mentioned before, I am grateful for the reception of 'Ithaca' and that our fans want to hear new music, so we'll be hitting the studio and hopefully 2020 will mean a new album for us.



Are you the main composer of the band's music? 

Taki Sassaris: I'm the main lyricist. I write 90% of the lyrics and some of the riffs and then we all work together to evolve it. I like to bring energy to our music and think of the songs with a visual sense, this way I 'paint' my inspiration. So yeah, there's a lot of Taki in there (laughs).


Does your music come from your real life experiences?

Taki Sassaris: It's a combination. The majority of the tracks are coming from real life experiences, things we've been through and over with. Many people think that our sound is like 'inspiring' hard rock. One of our bigger songs, 'Immortal' was loved by soldiers and war veterans all around the world. I can't even say in how many shows did we have people come to me and say what this song means to them and how it's like an 'anthem' for their lives. I like to write music that comes from life and its hardships. People depend on that. As you need a morning coffee, you need this song to move on. You go to the gym, drive to work, go home, it's a life soundtrack and it's important. I take it seriously, I have a lot of respect for that, but we also have fun doing it and we don't take ourselves too seriously. We have with our fans, take photos. The best part of this job, for me, is that you create these songs, this atmosphere, this feeling and when you release them they are not yours anymore, you share them with the fans. This creates a unique bond with the audience, you grow with them. We keep evolving and writing about the now, we have to look forward no matter what happened before. People change, society changes, so music has to change with them, understand what's going on in the world. I remember my father telling me stories from the Odyssey and the Iliad with hidden messages. There's a hidden message in 'Ithaca' too, the name of the song. The poet tells us that the journey is more important than the destination. Enjoy the moment. For me this album was a return home after a break I took to isolate myself. We have to remember that we never know how much time we have left and that we shouldn't worry about things that hurt us. It is very important for me that I came back to music and I have a band. I am grateful to be a part of this group and to have these amazing persons with me and work on music, creating new stuff. It is important to understand the meaning of being alive and living new experiences. As a band we try to keep that always on our minds.



 I get the impression that you keep a very close relationship with your fans. How do you feel about that?

Taki Sassaris: I wouldn't be here without them. I think they are the best fans in hard rock. They've been with us through thick and thin. They were there the days we were not productive but also when we came back. We never had a contract with a major label like Columbia or something like that, never had the chance, so many of the things we've achieved came from personal work and belief in ourselves. I remember an interview when I was compared to Rocky because I never gave up. That's my message to whoever is trying for something. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it. Believe in yourself, do your best, move each day forward, stay on the ring and don't give up. Some days won't be easy, others are easier but you have to keep fighting. I am grateful for our fans, they inspire me every time I'm in the studio, I give my best at every live show. It is important when you are an entertainer. It's a job. They pay, they travel from other places to see us and that makes us want to give our everything every time. I think we are close after all these years, it's a unique contact we have with the fans. They are more than fans, they are family. I feel so close to them, they've been around for more than 10 years and now the band is doing well and we rise to new levels, it is great to have them around. It's their band. They invest. It's a wonderful relationship.


Your advice to a new band is to not give up and carry on?

Taki Sassaris: You bet! To move forward in this industry you have to be all in and really love it. If your initial goal is money and fame, you will probably fail. Stay true; be honest with yourselves and your audience. As I said, take it seriously and do your best job, but don't' take yourself too seriously. Stay humble and work hard. With all this technology these days, there's a lot of work to be done. You have to play many shows, meet a lot of people, be nice and positive. If you are negative it's harder. Many things go wrong. I meet a lot of bands and they ask for advise and I say be prepared for everything. Expect the unbelievable. When you spend 300 days a year on the road, nothing goes as planned and it's never perfect. Some days you are too tired and need to adjust the melodies, you can't reach the high notes. Someone came to see you for 3 hrs so fix it and give a good show. Someone is seeing you for the first time. No matter if, you are doing this for 2 weeks or 10 years keep that in mind. You can't ruin it for the fans. It's not an easy job, but people are fair. Our recipy is to be real. As we grow and more people discover us and say Eve to Adam is my new favorite band, it is the best feeling. Even if I've been doing it for a long time now, it's still great to be loved and discovered, it's like me and Red Hot Chilli Peppers in the 90s. If people feel like that for Eve to Adam I am blessed to have this chance. A little late, but rather late than never, right? (laughs)




You released a cover of No easy Way Out, how did you come up with this idea?

Taki Sassaris: That was my idea, our guitarist at the time and me we wanted a song that felt familiar with a classic feeling but kind of pop. I mentioned Rocky before, and I am a big fan of the movies and Sylvester Stallone, a superstar now of course but when I was growing up in the 80's he was an inspiration, I always loved his work, especially Rocky 4, and that song was always one of my all time favorites. Creed 2 was released last year and it was phenomenal, great work and I thought it would be interesting to make a cover of that song and release it right before the movie comes out. We did that and I think it was good for the album. Lot's of radio stations played the song and gave us a good promotion. Great things happened on twitter too. Robert Tepper, the original performer of the song sent us a message that he loved our version. he posted some nice words and we are still communicating. We'll do a Queen tour and we are trying to work it out so he comes to Anaheim and plays the song with us on stage. I respect him so much, it will be a great moment. The more you learn about his career and his life the more you realize how many people he influenced. It's a stand out moment in every show, this song and I love to play it for me too. I had some tough times in the past years, my mom got sick, went through a divorce, and that song touched me in a different way than when I was a kid, or when I was watching the film. It's one of the songs I wish I had written, but I perform it as if I have. And I love watching people's face lit up when we play it.



How do you imagine the band in 10 years?

Taki Sassaris: Our main goal is to make the band international. We have toured on 49 out of 50 states in the US, and I'm so proud of that. We have a solid fan base in America, but what motivates me is to go to Europe and South America and Asia. It's my plans for 2020 and I'm excited to bring our sound overseas and play for a new audience. Especially in Europe, where hard rock and metal are so present and the fans are amazing. And being a first generation Greek-American, my father coming from Mezapo in Mani and my mom from Corfu, and proud of my Greek heritage, my dream is to play in Greece and give a huge show. We'll have the opportunity to play in Germany, France and the UK. It keeps me on my feet and I feel there is coming for Eve to Adam and we are ready!


Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?

Taki Sassaris: I am very excited about the future and where the band is heading, and grateful for the opportunity to do that. It's the best place to be, waiting for the best to come, as long as I keep doing this, it's nice to know the future is bright, many things ahead of you and that keeps me humble and active. I can't wait to meet my brothers and sisters in Greece in 2020. I want to thank all the fans of Hard Rock and Metal around the world for supporting the best genre in music and we will keep growing and learning and bring the best on every show.






Chris Mouskos, Elena Manta


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