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Interview with Warrior Soul | Kory Clarke: «There is no cure and doctor is unavailable»



Hi Kory, how are you? Tell us some things about Rock n' Roll disease

Kory Clarke: New record is doing great, really excited. Can't wait to play Greece in September. AN club in Athens and a festival in Thessaloniki.

Well, there is no cure and doctor is unavailable. No side effects except drug addiction. As far as the new album goes there is a hard rock n roll mix, there's no multi tracks, just one take. I play drums οn 6 songs, Nate Arling from Urge Overkill did some of the writing too. It's simple rock n roll in your face!

We've been touring it, it came out about a month ago. It's already sold out my previous record which is good because I like to have money when I go to the bar (laughs). It's a kick ass rock n roll album.



Are you happy with the finished result on the album?

Kory Clarke: I expected it to sound great because I produced it (laughs). There' a live sound, we took a very fresh approach, it's exciting, we stick it to the man, we say a lot of things in there, some hidden messages about Trump and his bullshit, and a lot of stuff about being on the road.



Do you have a favorite song in the album?

Kory Clarke: In my opinion the first three tracks are the best of the record. Also Rock On. I like my drumming in Meltdown. Warrior Ride Children also. Live, I've been playing these 3 songs, the first 3 songs of the previous album, stuff from Destroy the War Machine and some of the classics.



What's peoples' reaction?

Kory Clarke: The reviews were great, 97% positive and sales are good as I said, everyone seems to like it, the energy it has compared to other metal stuff out there.



Your lyrics in the first warrior soul album reflected the thoughts of that generation and also had a political and social stand. How do you feel when you write lyrics without anything in the world being different?

Cory Clark: I always write lyrics the same way. You know, the world sucked then and it sucks now, I try to hide the more social and political stuff in the verses and have the party stuff in the chorus, whereas in the past i did the opposite, i had the party stuff in the verses and the social stuff in the chorus. It seems to work, it's a great formula. Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine and Lars Ulrich said some really nice comments about me.



Do you want to comment the political situation in America?

Kory Ckarke: They call it a cold civil war. We have a lot of angry white males, especially in the south and more country people, and they are voting for something that isn't right. It's basically liberal white people and black people versus angry white people, and it's just who's got more people. I think there is nothing more important than the climate change, that's all we should be talking about.



Is the N.Y. scene still strong enough to give us good Rock n Roll?

Kory Clarke: I've been doing it for a long time. If I was good at anything else, I'd do it but I seem to like doing this. I paint too, and I've been doing great at that I had a good year.



Do you follow new bands?

Kory Clarke: I do listen to new bands, I just can't remember who they are (laughs). I listened to some really funny songs called 'I Love That Bar' and 'I'm Rednecker Than You', you should try and give it a listen. They are country songs.



The sound of Warrior Soul was between Rock n Roll and Punk up until the Space Age Playboys. How was the transition to Acid Punk genre?

Kory Clarke: Moving into acid punk was about upping the tempo and getting shorter hair and shinier clothes and losing weight because I was more active on stage.



We all know that tha band was created by a bet. On what would you bet know about the future?

Kory Clark: All bets are off. I bet you I'll be at the bar (laughs). 




Let's say, 10 years from now, how do you imagine the band, yourself etc?

Kory Clarke:   I don't know, 10 years from now? Getting up on stage kicking ass? Maybe playing drums, keyboards, doing experimental stuff.



It's been 30 years since Last Dead Century. What do you thing about the previous century and what do you expect from this one?

Kory Clarke: The previous century was very violent, screwed up by world war 1 that started it all. I think there's something evil in the world, sucking the soul out of people, making them hurt people and feel pain. I think there's going to be a change, an extra terrestrial influence stronger than before. Working with us and against us. As climate descends into chaos in the future, we'll find ourselves in more acts of violence and I predict there will be a point when we'll have to make a final choice. I just hope that everyone is prepared for what it's going to be given to them.



What do you think about recording nowadays? Do you prefer the way of recording now or then?

Kory Clarke: There is a convenience in the way we record now. I did enjoy the so-called analog era, recording on tapes though. There are problems with both eras. Considering the way budgets are, this way is the way forward. But i'd be cool recording in analog again.



What to expect from you in live shows in Greece?

Kory Clarke: Live shows? Expect terror, chaos and mayhem, some good looking great players and a wild party. AN club is gonna go crazy, and Im looking forward to the festival in Thessaloniki. We are gonna rock your faces off. I love Black Velvet Radio! Efkaristo!!




Chris Mouskos, Andreas Zeis, Elena Manta

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