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Interview with Genus Ordinis Dei | «We are working on the new album which, trust me, will be a blast»



Hello Genus Ordinis Dei!
Who Genus Ordinis Dei are? How did you meet each other and how did the band start?

Hello! We are a symphonic death metal band from Italy. We met each other because we live in the same city, Crema, in northern Italy and we used to play in different bands before forming Genus Ordinis Dei. We found out that we have the same ambitions and also a similar music language and taste, so we decided to become a band and since 2012 we are playing together!




 What made you choose that kind of music and how long did you need in order to find your personal music style?

We all had in mind what we wanted to do since the very beginning, then everyone of us brought in the band something more “personal” and that’s it. I think that our music style is always evolving, so it will probably take the whole life!



You have released two full length albums and an EP saying it would be a trilogy. How did this idea come up and what that means? To complete the idea of the trilogy, will we expect a third full length album? Or is it completed by the EP?

Yes, we are building every album as part of a trilogy, but actually only “The Middle” is a chapter of it. The idea of this trilogy will be revealed in the next albums, but I won’t spoil you the titles, even if you can guess it tho.. every other albums, like Great Olden Dynasty, or the EP are like a spin off of the main saga. In every song of every album there is a main theme connected to our main story. It is “nerdy” but we love it!!



Regarding your music and the lyrics, where do you get inspiration?

We live in Italy so we are surrounded by history and art, and we find inspiration in our environment. But also we usually take inspiration from films, tv series and fo course music itself.



Which 3 songs would you choose to introduce yourself to a new listener?

I’d say Red Snake from the EP, The Flemish Obituary from Great Olden Dynasty, and The Fall from The Middle.



 In the second album "Great Olden Dynasty" and in the song "Salem" you collaborated with Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil. Which other artists would you like to work with?

We’d love to have Roy Khan (ex Kamelot) as a guest in a very introspective song because we all love his unique voice. But also Mikael Akerfeldt from Opeth or Jonas Renske from Katatonia.



 You have made a very good cover to Manowar's "Hail and Kill". Why did you choose this song?

Because it’s one of our all time favorite song! It is a personal tribute to one of the bands that inspired us to start to play. One of the first metal band we listened to…and this is their year…we wanted to celebrate them!



 What do Genus Ordinis Dei want, how do people want to recognize them and what are their dreams?

We just want to tour the world and put our best in every stage we play. We love to give energy to our crowd, and we love when people sing our songs with us. That’s pretty much it!



You have made tours with artists such as Lacuna Coil, Evergrey, Dark Tranquility and others. Who would be a "dream" to be on a tour with?

Lamb Of God, Gojira, Fleshgod Apocalypse (we will play a gig with them on June 1st) to say 3 names…but it can become longer!



 Your European tour has recently ended with Evergrey, Blooded Hourglass and Crossing Eternity, where we saw you live in Athens and your show was really good. What were your impressions?

First of all, thank you for being there! It was a super nice show! Well, this was a super rock ’n roll tour in every possible way. We had a lot of fun and we basically became a family during the tour. We are now still in touch with the other guys and we miss everyone a little bit. It was a great experience and also a great step in our career.



You have announced the release of a single soon. Does that mean we can wait another album soon?

Yep, but the single will not be part of the album…for sure we have something huge coming out and you can expect more later this year!



 Ιs there something else in your immediate plans?

Yes, we have this big festival we are playing with Arch Enemy, Fleshgod Apocalypse and Darkane and we are super excited about that..and as I said before, we are working on the new album which, trust me, will be a blast!



Is there something you want to add? We would also like a message for your Greek fans.

That we loved to play there! The audience in Greece is crazy! We had a lot of fun there and we can’t wait to be back!




Thank you very much for the interview and we hope to see you again in Greece soon!

Thank you so much for it! See you soon! Hail!




Chris Mouskos, Eleni Ktisth


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