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A conversation with Gabriel Franco | IDLE HANDS



Idle hands from Portland, Oregon at U.S. was created in 2017 from singer/composer Gabriel Franco, after the unexpected dissolution of Spellcaster. With Sebastian Silva and Colin Vrazinan recorded their first song, named " Blade and the Will " and started to looking for a record label. Later, they released their song, named " By Way of Kingdom " and the underground community started talking intensely about them. However, interest in record companies was late to come so Iddle Hands decided in 2018 to release the EP named " Don't Waste Your time " on their own. Within a few months people started talking about them and iddle hands signed to the Eisenwald Records and found European booking agency.

Before their live performance in Athens at 12th of May at club Crow, Gabriel Franco laid over on black velvet radio.




Thank you very much for this interview. Please tell us how the idea of Idle hands came up?

Gabriel Franco: It was not a conscious decision to be what we are, I just knew I had to continue doing music after my last band broke up. So I just started writing and it turned into this dark thing. It just snowballed from there. I try not to set boundaries for myself.



Your sound is a combination of heavy metal with a gothic sensation on vocals and the European sound closer to you. I assume that your influences are the same as other corresponding bands, such as to/die/for?

Gabriel Franco: Have never heard of that band, but I will check them out. I'm a metal/rock dude first. The only Goth stuff I was in love with when writing our releases was Sisters Of Mercy, 69 Eyes and Cradle Of Filth. Since the EP came out last year people are telling me about all these bands they think we sound like. Which has been really cool because its gotten me into The Cure and Heroes Del Silencio among others. I don't know what the future holds for Idle Hand in terms of our sound but im going to continue just being myself and see what comes out.



Please tell us about your new and debut album which is called "mana". Is there a concept behind the lyrics?

Gabriel Franco: Music is magic, each song is its own story. I hope that someone listening can drink from the record so to speak and become inspired to pursue their dreams.



How would you like to see the band in ten years?

Gabriel Franco: I would like to look back in 10 years and be able to say I had a good adventure. Everything else is gravy.



In a few days we are going to see you in Athens. How do you feel about it and what to expect from you?

Gabriel Franco: Very excited. Have never been to Greece before. We will play every song we have, going to be a good night.



Please say something to your Greek fans.

Gabriel Franco: Thanks for the flood of support, Mana comes out this Friday, and we will see you at the Crow Club in Athens this Sunday. Lets have a beer.




Chris Mouskos, Spiros Pseftoudis


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