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Interview with Scar Of The Sun | "Inertia"


  • Good evening ladies and gents tonight black velvet radio and I, will host Terry Nikas from Scar of The Sun, talking about their newest singles “I Am the Circle” and “Inertia”, a nod for the upcoming also titled album “Inertia” waiting to be released on May the 14th terry how are things going?

Terry: Hello there. Things are going well! It's a promotional period for us, we're giving a lot of interviews and we're trying to push the two singles that are already released along with their videos and um that's it basically.


  • So big news for Scar of The Sun. Third installment for you guys, “Inertia” waiting to be released on May the 14th. How are you feeling about that?

Terry: we're feeling relieved to be honest because first of all, we were trying for years to get a record deal with a label like Napalm Records and to be honest with you, Napalm Records was the main target during the last six-seven years for us, but also we feel relieved because this album was completed two years ago and the whole deal discussions with Napalm Records plus the situation with Covid delayed the release a little bit, because all the bands now are trying to delay their releases in order to be closer to touring so we're very happy that we are able to release this album through a label like Napalm Records and also relief because this story ends with the best possible way.


  • How difficult was for you to make this album with all the pandemic going on any difficulties recording the album any other difficulties or technicalities yet that you face along the way making this album possible?

Terry: Well not really because first of all the album was recorded before 2019, it was mainly recorded in 2018. It was mixed for the first time in 2019 and then I mixed the album once again last December so basically the only thing that happened during the Covid period was mixing the album for the final time but, I didn't need to have the other guys at the studio during mixing, just sending them the mixes and getting their opinions and approvals so, basically Covid didn't cause any trouble to us in regards of the recording and mixing process. Other than that, we have our own studios so, we have the luxury to work in a very comfortable situation without checking out the time that ticking and you are charged huge amounts of money so basically, we didn't have any of these problems and I can say that the whole process was very smooth.





  • “I Am the Circle” and “Inertia” … What made you to pick those specific songs for the singles?

Terry: when we finished composing all the songs and we finished the vocals it was obvious that a few songs were catchier if you want or more obvious as singles for us. “I Am the Circle” has a chorus that we all like very much, it's a very groovy song and has a very nice breakdown towards the end which works very well live we had the opportunity to play these songs live in a tour already and in a couple of shows also. So, we realized that some of these songs are working very well so, one of them was “I Am the Circle” and the other one was “Inertia”. Now for “Inertia” we wanted to release this as a single because and put it also as the opening track of the album because it's a quite aggressive song and it marks a change to our sound so, we were thinking that people would that know us and follow us from the previous albums they would be surprised by the whole structure of the song and the aggressiveness so we wanted to create a surprise to all these people and that's why we picked these two. But there will be two more songs actually, there will be one more single coming out in about 10 days and that will have also a video and then there will be also a fourth song that will be a lyric video but that will be released after the release of the album. So, we picked these four songs having in mind the new direction of the band and how catchy the songs are.


  • Do you believe that those songs, those two first songs are in a way, representative of the album that we are waiting?

Terry: I believe that “I Am the Circle” is more representative and the one that will be released next which is called “Transition to Turbulence”, I think that these are the most representative of the album. “Inertia” it is inside the whole atmosphere of the album, more I would say as a Swedish death Metal song if you want or influenced and we don't have so many Swedish death metal riffs overall so this is the most Scandinavian song if you want but overall, it is inside the spirit of the album.


  • Will “Inertia” be a new path for the band in comparison with “A Series of Unfortunate Concurrencies” and “In Flood” Albums?

Terry: When we started the band and when we were composing the first album “A Series of Unfortunate Concurrencies” we wanted to leave our options open many people were telling us that there's not only one direction on this album and you know some of them didn't like that but we really like that because we are a band that we don't want to repeat ourselves and we wanted to leave our options open exactly for that reason we wanted to be able to go to a path that uh we gave a hint in the past but it was not completely on that path (talking about the first album) So, in a way if you think about it there were a couple of songs or three in the first album that were giving the hint about the Swedish Death Metal, and now it was the time to do it with the relevant vocals I think that the fourth album will be closer to “Inertia” with some developments that will occur because as time goes by and you get growing as a musician you get more influences in your music and you enrich the whole result so I’m pretty sure that the next album will be closer to “Inertia” so, yes it's a path that we will follow and we'll see where it will take us but, I cannot ensure you that it will not be exactly the same like this album for sure.






  • So, you're saying that the fourth album is, in a way, in the works?

Terry: It is because if you think that this one was completed in 2018 it's been already three years so, for us the target is to complete the compositions of the fourth album within this year and enter the studio in 2022in order to record and mix the album. One good thing if you want during Covid is that since we cannot tour there's a lot of time at home and you can play and compose a lot of music and many musicians are doing the same thing so, yeah, I mean we're preparing our next album already.


  • So, no rest for the wicked. Next question not long ago at the end of 2020 you signed to Napalm Records not an easy feat. How all this happened?

Terry: it all started back in 2014 where we were very close to sign to Napalm Records for the release of “In Flood”. At the time it was two A’n’R’s that liked “In Flood” very much so they approved it and they sent us to speak with the head of the A’n’R department which apparently when I emailed him, he said “no we cannot offer you a deal” which was very surprising because usually when you have two A’n’R’s giving thumbs up to go forward with contracts etc. you expect this to happen. So, it was a letdown for us but we couldn't just stop there, and when we were preparing the next album, we always had in mind to get in touch with them again. When we got in touch with Napalm again, the head of the department changed and now it was the guy that gave the thumbs up for us so we realized that we will have a better chance this time you know, to probably to sign so we started talking and eventually it was September I think, just after the holidays that they told us that they really liked “Inertia” and they liked the cover of the album as well and they were prepared to offer us a deal for three in the beginning and then they wanted four so as you can imagine we were really, really happy about it extremely happy I would say because as I said to you before this was the target for us throughout all these years I presume they like the album but as you know it's not just about liking an album because there are many bands that they release very nice albums. Τhe bigger labels check out other things as well like touring, like what you're doing in your social media, what are your numbers on Spotify etc. Probably they liked what they saw and along with the album and the cover and all these factors together worked in favor of the band and finally we got signed to Napalm Records.


  • Let's talk about the singles Specifically first of all, “I Am the Circle”, the first single that came out and a live video for it. A straightforward video in a warehouse some words for it and for the song specifically. What the song says?

Terry: the song talks about all the fights that we have to give as a band throughout all these years and basically face all the rejections that we had because in order to be able to reach a level, you have to be able to sustain all the rejections that you're getting in your life as a musician you will get many rejections but you know you should never quit and never give up and this is the only way to possibly get a chance at some point. But you know, all these rejections they're giving you a hard time they're making you sad and they're making you doubt yourself and all the work that you have done up to that point, and in almost every album I have one song that I call it “the confidence song” in order to boost our confidence and our mental state so this is what “I Am the Circle” is talking about and of course, “Inertia” the self-titled song of the upcoming album with a beautiful live video that I liked it very much that follows the artwork style of the album and of course the albums before yeah.







  • What about the video and of course the beautiful lyrics that is about if I’m right fighting your own addicts physical or symbolical?

Terry: it's not exactly about that I will explain it. First of all “Inertia «as you know is a term in physics but also in Greek it means when you are not reacting in things that somebody is doing to you and in this song I’m basically talking about the fact that those who run the world like the government etc. they don't want people to react in whatever things they're doing in it's not a mistake that it's not governments that rule the world but its financial interests and financial interests are always in favor of just a few people on earth and the everyday common people are always the ones that are going to lose in every situation so they don't want us to react. you see in Greece we had laws against riots we had laws against the reporters to be where riots are happening and they just feed us with things like drugs or stupid tv shows like Big Brother etc. And they just want to make us be so busy about things like that and forget the actual struggle of life which is something that everyone should do in order to get better conditions and I’m not talking about luxuries but I’m talking about a minimum quality of life and we are in 2021 and we see people that sending spaceships to mars and on earth you have people that don't have water, they don't have electricity, they're starving you know, and all these things are the things that I’m talking on. “Inertia” basically now the cover and the video is more or less talking about that every time we finish the lyrics of an album, I’m I have a long discussion with uh Achilleas Gatsopoulos which is the guy that is responsible for all our visuals pictures, videos, covers etc. And I explained to him every little detail on all the lyrics on all songs so, he takes notes and as a graphic artist he gets some strong images in his mind and he decides to draw something like that. Overall, the style that we have from the first -actually from our demo- has to do with the Austrian art nouveau movement or “Jugendstil” in Germany with more representative artist being Gustav Klimt which is a painter that we all love very much so we decided to have this style and all our covers and visuals in order to create also an identity so if you see the next album for example and you don't see the logo of the band you directly you understand that this is Scar of The Sun. So, that's why we have this style in all our covers but on this album, you see a woman that is tied up on a table in a medical laboratory and you see that she's connected with several machines and gadgets and instruments, and in a way this woman represents Greece that was restricted by local and foreign politicians and they were performing this financial experiment to us during the last 10 years of the Greek crisis so, this is the cover and that's the video basically.


  • I loved “Inertia”, really is very beautiful. so, I believe that the characters and the masks are like the governments in a way, and I like the end I don't want to say just see it guys it's a very beautiful video. The consequence of Covid 19 from the start of 2020 to the music industry not only affected many bands labels and releases how are you coping with that?

Terry: the main thing that you know you can say that is the consequence to us is that after all these years of trying we signed with a label like Napalm Records and we know that we will have support in regards of touring and we are still not able to enjoy that properly but it didn't change much because so far we didn't have a stable touring schedule and that was obviously because we were not been supported by a label and every tour we had to do we were just doing supporting it financially on our own so, basically for us didn't change much because we have our own jobs all of us so, as a band we were not really affected. On the other hand, I see many musicians because I work with many musicians how much they are affected because you know musicians are touring in order to make a living so, I believe that the musicians have been hit harder than any other job because the last thing that will reopen are the shows so yeah, we’re just waiting for this situation to finish and actually, start our own professional level of working so far, I cannot say that we are really affected by Covid.


  • Do you believe that the pandemic unintentionally made a new way of creativity for the artists with so many collaborations and “quarantine” songs throughout this year?

Terry: I don't know, yeah. I think that there were not much that you could do anyway uh for sure you had more time for studios you could get in touch with other musicians and try to be more creative or try to release something that will attract the attention of people when touring was not possible but if you ask me nothing it will nothing will replace the actual touring and the actual shows and not even if the technology will become so good that you can have a show inside your home. It will never be the same you know when you when you are next to a thousand people for example and you're all screaming and you feel the all this. This will never replace by any technology at least you know in our generation; I don't know after a hundred years what will happen, but I think that all these are just measures that were in a way necessary in order to be able to stay afloat and not disappear because of the situation.


  • When all of this with the pandemic subsides any thoughts about touring and the promotion of the of the album any tours to Greece?

Terry: For sure we'll play in Greece and we will try to play in as many cities as possible also, we're talking about European tours the minimum and festivals. We're already in discussions with our booking agent in order to see what tools will be available and try to be part of them we will start talking with the Napalm as well in regards of touring because there are so many bands in the roster that we could possibly play. You know this is our chance, we have to tour and play live as much as possible. We will do our best to play everywhere in the world and in every festival that will be possible but also, in Greece for the first time we’re thinking to play you know the most shows possible because so far, we played in Athens, Thessaloniki and in Giannena but we know for a fact that more cities are interested for us, to play to Volos and Kastoria and Crete so we'll try to… Well Crete is not a city of course you know it's an island (laughs) but yeah, we had some people getting interested about us so when this thing will be done (with the Pandemic) we will try to play in as many places as possible obviously with the best possible conditions for everyone not only for the band but also for you know that the ones that are watching and what I’m trying to say is people will be able to enjoy a proper show.




  • Ok the tough questions now what other bands are you listening this time around?

Terry: My favorite band for the last six seven years and in my opinion the best metal band during these last years is the British band called Architects I’m really amazed by what they are doing and I’m really sad about the fact that their main guitarist and composer died a few years ago at the age of 28 because of cancer, this was a tragedy for them and you know overall it's very tragic to see someone dying by cancer so young and you know this person was being totally creative and uh amazing -a music genius if you ask me- but I also like bands like Tesseract so a lot of British bands There, and during the last days I’m listening to all the last four or five albums of Killswitch Engage, I’m a huge fan of this band, of metalcore bands that's what I am listening, you know, all the guys are listening to different stuff for example our drummer will be listening to iron maiden for his whole life -I love our maiden too don't get me wrong you know- but I’m checking out new bands as well yeah I mean mainly with the things that we're listening is Djent and Metalcore I would say and some Swedish Death Metal always and bands like In Flames, Dark Tranquility, At The Gates, Soilwork you know and Nightrage of course we're huge fans of Marios Iliopoulos and Nightrage and we are all affected by his play and the way he's composing music. that's what we're listening in metal because we're listening other stuff outside metal as well.


  • Any memories from the first time you went on stage?

Terry: yeah I remember the whole show, it was back in 2009 in Athens of course it was a festival we played with Elysion at the time with the original singer Mahi, with the universe 217 and it was supposed to be one more band called WC but I don't think they played finally and it was also a band called Dawn of Meridian if I remember well so, it was a very cool show it was over 200 people with many, many friends of ours on the show obviously you know it's your first show and you know all the friends are coming to see you so, we felt very comfortable because we saw all these faces around us and the club was small and we could joke with them and have fun. I was not stressed at all because we were working so hard for many years already so, just before the show I was like “this is our time and I’m not going to be stressed about it” so, I really had a good time and you know that was it basically.


  • Any last message to your fans?

Terry: first of all, we wish everyone to be safe and stay safe. We are hoping that people will be interested in checking out our new album that is coming out on May 14th called “Inertia” by Napalm Records, check out our videos and feel free to tell us your opinion and hope everyone stays safe and see everyone out there in shows as soon as possible.


  • Terry we would like to thank you and the band for this interview Wishing you all the best for the new singles and of course the new album coming out may the 14th. ladies and gents see you next time, Terry goodnight.

Terry: Goodnight thank you very much.







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