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Interview with Tesla (Brian Wheat) | ''Son of a Milkman: My Crazy Life With Tesla''




Hello Bryan. How are you ?

Brian: I’m good how are you ?


I'm fine thanks I’m Elena I’m calling from Greece.

Brian: Greece oh far out hey right on man


Hey how are things going there ?

Brian: Well, I’m not too good here you know, we're all locked down here in America with the COVID.


We are through lockdown too.

Brian: Yeah, hopefully soon we won't be.



let's start about the book. The publication of a book usually marks the end of a chapter. In this case the chapter concerns tesla why did you decide to publish it now?

Brian: uh because I felt that at the age I am now and the band has been a band for 35 years now is the time to put out the book.



And to someone who doesn't know, what will be able to discover through this autobiography? Could you tell us a little bit about it, just for an introduction?

Brian: well, you'll discover my life's journey as the bass player and co-founding member of Tesla. You'll get a glimpse inside my life and my life with Tesla as well.




Some think reaching the end of the book was the joke with the milkman. I understand that it's a part of your reality, have you ever been bullied at school by other kids teasing you about it?

Brian: No, I was never bullied in school not really. Made fun of, you know if you're poorer than other kids and stuff and you wear not as nice clothes, kids can be cruel and say things but I wouldn't go as far as to say I was ever bullied no




On December 9 an event was held where you would sign the book on the spot. How did this promotion go and what was the treatment of the people?

Brian: Yeah, I was live on the internet, yes, the turnout was very good it went very well yes






The treatment of the people and the reactions?

Brian: The general overview of everyone that reads the book is that they like it, they enjoy the book, they like the honesty that I provide in.





Brian how did you deal with the situation that you were a child who didn't know his father? did this fact bother you?

Brian: No not really, I mean, I just accepted it as normal to me, it was normal I didn't know any different so I wouldn't say it really affected me although you know my psychiatrist might say it did, I didn't feel it affected me but you know that would be for someone like a psychiatrist who's analyzing me to say you know, but to me, I had a great mom and the fact that I didn't knew who my dad was didn't really bother me.





Do you believe that your mother was strict with you?

Brian: Not really, I mean, I didn't give her a lot of trouble so she didn't have to be strict with me, i was pretty good kid I minded of didn't give my mom a lot of trouble if you understand what I’m saying.





Have you kept in touch with your siblings?

Brian: Oh yeah, I see a couple of my brothers and my sister all the time. There is couple of my brothers I don't really speak which I don't see them but half of them I see yes.





Brian you compare with yourself to Donald Trump?

Brian: yeah, you don't like that huh?





It's a bit funny.

Brian: I think uh he ended up well, what I mean by that is Donald Trump says what he thinks, right, and he's not a politically correct man yeah, he doesn't say what the people think he should say, he says what he feels and that's what I mean about you know, I’m kind of like a Donald Trump guy I say what I feel and you know sometimes it offends people





I see and let's talk about your first contact with music and Paul McCartney. How was your mentor and a role model for you to create your own band in the end?

Brian: yeah, Paul McCartney was my inspiration. I’m on the opinion that on the eighth day god created Paul McCartney so that is the magnitude of Paul McCartney to me, he's the reason I wanted to be a musician and play in a band was, because of Paul McCartney.





Brian do you remember any funny story with David Lee Roth that you would like to share?

Brian: Not really, I never really spoke to him except for the very last night of the tour. Uh we were on tour with him and I never spoke to him, and the last night of the tour he came and got us all into this room and said he wanted to manage the band and we were kind of like well thank you but we have great managers and you know thank you for the offer but no thank you. That's the only time I ever had any contact with David Lee Roth.





During the lockdown have you been working on any new songs?

Brian: No not really. I’ve been producing other bands. I have a company that develops young bands called J Street Entertainment and that company I’ve been developing the young bands but I haven't been working on songs for Tesla or Soul Motor in this lockdown no.






Brian how do you imagine yourself in let's say 10 years from now?

Brian: Really, I’m still alive! I like to imagine myself still alive 20 years from now I’d be 78 years old so I hope I’m still alive in 20 years I hope the planet's still here in 20 years, I hope we're okay in 20 years it's hard to imagine 20 years from now. right now





Any hopes for 2021?

Brian: Yeah, I hope to be able to get back out and play concerts with Tesla and resume normal work in normal life and be over this COVID.





Do you believe that the things will be ever be the same?

Brian: I don't know, that depends, I mean we've had sloughs in the past, the Spanish Flu was much greater than COVID ever was and people were normal after the Spanish Flu in 1918. so, I think I I’d like to hope that we'll get back to normal yes.





Any regrets?

Brian: No not really no I think things happen for a reason and you know you see it through and we're on a path that's already chosen for us so, no I don't have many regrets





What advice will you give to your younger self?

Brian: I would say be more patient and save more money.





But I think that all of us when we were younger, we don't save any money at all

Brian: yeah, when you're young you just spend money like crazy because you think it never ends and when you get old you realize that you need to save, for when you get old and things like corona happen.





What were the reasons you disbanded the group and why did you decide to reactivate it?

Brian: well, when we disbanded in 1995, I think we were just at the end of our rope and tired from all the years of touring with no break and obviously, you know some of us were over indulging in drugs and alcohol and so we broke up and then in 2000 we were asked if we would play one night for our friend who had a radio station in his concert and we agreed to, and we had so much fun doing that night that we decided to get back together, and we've been together now for 20 years.





Perfect thank you very much.

Brian: okay, thank you, bye-bye










Chris Mouskos, Elena Manta, Tasos Zervoudakis, Γιώργος Βαλιμίτης

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