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Interview with Tim Scott McConnell | «Ledfoot is just the part of myself i care to share as an artist»



Good day, I hope you are safe and well and thank you for the time you take to answer our questions.
First of all what is music for Tim Scott McConnell and what Ledfoot represent for you?

Tim: I’ve been making music for a living for 45’s a part of me like breathing and eating...necessary for existence… Ledfoot is just the part of myself I care to share as an artist.




How did the collaboration with RONNI LE TEKRØ happened?
Tim: Ronni and I are like brothers, we met when I went up to his studio to make a record and ended up living there 3 years… we started by doing some shows together and over time decided we should do a record together...which became “A Death Devine”.




How long did it take to conclude the album?
Tim: We initially did the first couple tracks in one night, than took a break from it while we both worked with our main gig….than we met up in spring 2020 and finished it in a couple weeks.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Tim: That’s a given, life and all the mess we make living it.




What is the feedback you’ve been getting for the album?
Tim: It’s been really positive.



Could you share with us the story behind the lyrics of ‘’High Hopes song’’?
Tim: Heh heh, that is a long story… songs are usually a cocktail of events, emotions and environment… I wrote high hopes at a time when times were hard and I decided I was too stubborn to give up...





Does music industry treat you well so far? Do you believe in social media and youtube, concerning further promotion and acknowledgment?
Tim: It’s like asking me how I feel about paying my electric’s necessary if I want to see or be seen...





Is there any plans for concerts after the covid-19 situation?
Tim: Yes, as many as possible;)





Any message for your Greek Fans ?
Tim: See you soon, hopefully xx







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