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Interview with Warrant | «The grunge era was a tough time for us, but we persevered»



Hi guys, Thank you very much for this conversation.

This year it's the 30th anniversary for the Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich album. How do you feel about it?

Erik Turner: It’s a bit mind blowing, have we really been rocking for 30 years? wow! The tour was a big success for us and we are so grateful for all the great shows we performed in 2019.





After all these years which was your favorite period and which not? Why?

Erik Turner: The multi platinum years were off the hook fun! The grunge era was a tough time for us, but we persevered, we kept making records and touring and never gave up and the last 10 years have been great!




The song Cherry pie still endures. How do you feel about it?
Erik Turner: Love it, wish we had a hundred hits just like it :)




Why do you think the band had this big success?

Erik Turner: Hard work and a little bit of luck :)





Please tell us some things about your tour.

Erik Turner: The tour featured 9 songs from Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich, plus songs from Cherry Pie, Dog Eat Dog and our latest release Louder, Harder, Faster CD.




Any plans for a new release or any secrets would you like to share?

Erik Turner: No plans to record, but we are starting share riffs that might turn into new songs.




Which was your favorite moment and which wasn't in your career?

Erik Turner: Too many to name one, both good and bad ha!




You have never performed in Greece. Why is that. Is there any chance to see you in Greece?

Erik Turner: We love Greece, maybe someday that will happen!





Would you like to say something to your Greek fans?

Erik Turner: We love you wild rock n rollers and hope to come rock your great country someday!







Chris Mouskos, Elena Manta


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