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Interview Leontas: “We live in a generation where the media control the masses however we are the ones who choose what to read''


Hello Leontas.

Hello Alex, hello Scott

It is really a pleasure meeting you .You are our first band from abroad and we feel, you will bring us luck !

Please feel free to introduce yourself to the Greek audience.

Hello to everybody reading this. We are LEONTAS. A rock duo from London consisted of Alex on guitars/vocals and Scott on the drums/backing vocals


They know and they hear you at the Jumping fish music portal. Tell us your experience of this competition.

(Alex): Well I was raised in Athens. I remember when jumping fish was just starting out. So for me and my bands from back then there was just few online platforms to promote our music. Jumping Fish was one of them.To this day whenever we release music, it only makes sense to have it on Jumping Fish as well for our Greek friends.

(Scott): Being from the UK, I had never heard of jumping fish until Alex updated me - but now I'm obviously happy we are on it! Happy to have so much support from Greece! You guys are amazing!

How can you describe your music?

(Alex): I would describe it a bit like a lifeline. Full of surprises, intense, powerful, sensitive and at times very intimate.

(Scott): it's a personal sound. It's not just rock it's not just blues it's a real combo of everything. We take inspiration from the world around us!

We love ''toxic love’’ but White Stripes, Oasis, T-Rex are different music types. How can you put all together in your music? Soul, blues and Northernrock riffs in one song, you have to have too much work to do at the studio!

(Alex): I love the way you put it. However things are quite simple. We don't like to put names on things. Scott and I have very similar tastes when it comes to music but very different ones at the same time. And that's what makes our creative part so fun! We've got different influences in a way, however we just know when something sounds right.And it does matter if it's Blues, Soul or Rock n Roll.

(Scott): I can't agree more with Alex on this. When it comes to song writing we both add so many different elements. Alex will come in with a 60s style riff and I'll have some hip hop type drums and we'll try and merge the two. This is kinda how toxic worked itself out and it just made sense to us adding all these little elements...that and probably a few days in the studio!

I feel , when I heard your first song, that you are band for live stages. Your music is groovy, heavy but still pure. Did you bring your stage performance on the record section?

(Alex): We love performing live. So usually we try to put our 100% on stage. Sometimes things get very intense. But we love playing on the edge. Obviously because we are just two in the band, we have to make sure that our sound and stage presence is as if we were four. Otherwise it would be boring for the audience. We feel like we have to fight hard for their attention.We tried to capture the same kind of attitude on the Ep however you will be the once to judge weather we did or no. So you have to see us live when we come to Athens ;

(Scott): I think we've done an amazing job at putting our sound on this EP, it's punchy and big and our sound.But I think seeing us live is another thing. We go into a gig with a set list but really that's all we never know what will happen at a show and I think that's important


You made lots of live shows from March 2016 in London mostly till now. The feedback from your fans?

(Alex): Every show has been a lesson. London is so big and with such an interesting mix of people that you just never know what to expect. But we are extremely grateful because the response so far from the people coming to see our shows, venues, promoters has been unbelievable! It's what gives us strength to keep going.

(Scott) : I think the main feedback is about our sound and how big it is. I think when we get on stage they think it'll either be a white stripes copy or have no real punch. I think we've surprised alot of people over the last year and I kind of like that. Also they never expect me to sing!

You had scheduled your debut ep "With love" or it was songs that you want to public after your live performances and the feedback of your fans.

(Alex) :For those who don't know we used to be a 4 piece band. The fact that the other two guys left was probably the best thing that ever happened to us because we became more inventive and more creative. So we spent almost a year working on new material and working on our sound. As soon as we started gigging we just knew that it was time to release an Ep.

(Scott) : We attempted to make a 2 track EP as the 4 piece and two of the guys left during this process. I think this is when we thought we can do this ourselves and we hid away in the studio, took almost a year and created the songs you see today. We released this EP and then realised we have about 3 times what's on the disc extra material!

You have many live shows to give but i think the greatest of all it will be your chance to play at the Camden Rocks Festival. Tell to the Greek fans what is all about and how can we help from Greece!

(Alex):You're right!! Even though we have a pretty tight schedule at the moment.. Camden Rocks is a "must" festival for any London based musician! It was a bit of a last minute thing.. we joined this competition where our fans need to vote us by saying "LEONTAS" in the band section. You can find all details on our Facebook page.. so please follow us, like us, vote for us and share the love.

(Scott): Please vote! We need all the support we can get and would love help from your listeners. We've rocked Camden but now it's time for us to be part of Camden Rocks!

Which band or bands you admire and it will be ''a dream come true’’ to be on a stage with.

(Alex) : The list is endless but I suppose if I had to choose an ultimate top three it would be: Guns n Roses, Foo Fighters, Jack white.

(Scott) : My top three would have to be: QOTSA, Wolfmother and to jam with Jurassic 5

Which band or bands that you played together you want to play again on the same stage?

(Alex) : Even though we keep making new friends and meeting new bands all the time, there's few local bands that we are friends with and it's always nice to play with them again n again. That's the boys from "Different People" and "Temple Lake" check them out!!

(Scott) : Check these guys out! Great bands and great guys and gals as well! It great when we come off stage and the other bands are supportive and cool - London can be a cold place so it's always good to have friends!

Any plans for live performances in Greece? (Or vacations maybe?)

(Alex): We have quite a few different plans for shows and some other collaborations however nothing is confirmed yet.Generally speaking I try to come home at least once a year as my parents still live in Athens.

(Scott): I'd love to play gigs in Greece! Tell us where and when and I'll get my passport 

I think it's a very common question but it's important, your plans for the future?

(Alex) : We just want to make and play the music we love. Making a living out of music is a hard thing to achieve nowadays .So for me that's a goal no 1!! The rest will come.

(Scott): we want to be the band that people get and enjoy and want to listen to. I'd love to play drums for living and making music.

And last but not least, your message to us and to your Greek fans!

(Alex): A massive thank you to all of you for the love and support!!

We live in a generation where the media control the masses however we are the once who choose what to read, what to watch, what to listen to and what to believe in.Do what you love!!And fight for it till the end of days!

(Scott) : I think Alex nailed it. Thanks guys!

“These guys are absolutely amazing to work with, very professional and on point! We wish them the absolute best!! It's time for Greece to get some quality Rock content! Keep up the good work guys ! “ (LEONTAS)


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