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Interview with Kaz Hawkins | The voice of our soul



First of all we would like to give you a big thank you for letting us take you an interview. 

Thank you so much, it's lovely that you reached out to me.


The truth is the internet and You Tube especially has finally made its purpose because without this channel, we would never find you.

Yes I have been so surprised to hear from thousands of new subscribers lately on Youtube. It's wonderful to have so many from around the world listen to my music and I'm just happy my fans are enjoying my creations.


Then who was the first that notice that you have this incredible voice.
I've always sang since I was a child, it is what kept me strong in dark times so I don't think anyone actually discovered me. I did sing in talent shows as a child but trauma in my childhood meant I suffered at the hands of others and I stopped singing for many years. I joined cover wedding bands and wrote my own songs in secret for many years. I really only revealed my songs to everyone in 2012 and it's been a roller coaster since.




All the critics compare you with Etta James, Aretha Franklin and Koko Taylor. Who’s your personal music hero? And with whom you want to share the stage with?

It's a great honour to be compared with my idols and it's testament to the affect they had on my listening to music. I guess Aretha would be my choice as I know she would give a great lesson in vocal ability to learn from. A duet with The White Buffalo would be amazing, I love his voice and I think he would be a great combination with my own voice.
In your bio says soul singer. We definitely disagree with that. We feel you can sing almost everything with this beautiful voice. Is this music your preferred one?
I'm not one for tags but unfortunately the music industry demands a genre type. For me anything that comes from the heart is soul and I can only sing from my heart.


Have you ever been in Greece? Even as a tourist maybe?
I haven't visited Greece but have went on holiday to Corfu & Rhodes. I loved it, Ireland is so rainy most of the time so to have beautiful weather like you do is good for creative juices.



We want desperately to come for a live act. Did you have any plant for that or for any other act outside U.K?

At the moment there are no plans but of course if you have suggestions I will indeed have my team work on it. Up until now I didn't have many fans from Greece but Youtube has changed that recently so I very much hope to make it to perform for you all. I am touring this year in France, Slovenia, Italy as well as a UK Tour.




If you kind we want a few words about the organization Aware NI ( ) and your personal story with mental health. Your willing to live actually. Depression in Greece is the third more powerful illness.

Of course & thank you for asking. I am sad to hear you have the same troubles as we do with depression. Aware NI is my chosen charity for live and I was made ambassador to help me carry out more duties through my music to help bring more awareness. It was a big risk to be so open with my story but charities like Aware are struggling with increasing numbers with depression. Instead of getting angry at the lives lost I wanted to put into action, something that could perhaps help someone in need. There have been fans at my shows who were ready to kill themselves and then they heard my story in my songs. They had hope and that is all I want for my music. I then left my band and put together a new duo show telling the story of my life through song so that I could tour faster and reach as many people as I could. If it's Ireland then I direct them to Aware but if I am in a different country then I have to find out who is the local support for depression.



Thank you everyone in Greece for such love and I really do hope to see you all soon. Kaz xxx

You can find Kaz Hawkins: 


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