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We introduce you The Red Phone, for the Netherlands !


Hello Sean, Mark and Mathijs

Hello Red Phone

Even if it's a very catchy name for a band please can you introduce yourselves to the Greek audience?

My name is Sean Walsh and I am the singer and guitar player of The Red Phone from the Netherlands.
We are basically three piece rock band, hard hitting rock band.
Sometimes we play more elegant stuff but, well to tell you the truth we like rock stuff in bands of the era like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Jimmy Hendrix, this kind of music.
This is what i really like.
We are three piece rock band, on drums Mark Kieboom, on bass Mathijs Vermeulen and me Sean Walsh the singer,
We made it very simple, Bass, guitar and drums that’s it.


What's the story behind the name "The Red Phone?"

The story of The Red Phone, well the three of us, we've played in a different bands, Mark and Mathijs played in a rockabilly band and i was played in blues band on my own name, and we've done some touring together, we record a couple of song when we were younger and basically we get together in a friends place and we decided to starting a band.
We did these five years ago and we went from there. Everything was cool in the beginning, we recorded a couple of songs and one of these songs, end it up in a movie, like a gangster movie from the Netherland.
It was amazing because before we even release the music, the guy who recorded the songs, he told somebody who knew about us, and this guy listen our music and he decided that the director wants one of our songs to use it in a crime scene of the movie.
So before we even release the songs in ourselves, we were sitting in a premiere in a big cinema in Amsterdam of Netherlands and it was really cool.


How can you describe your music?

I think, it definitely a rock band and maybe the best way to describe it, we are blues rock, but we have all of different influences.
We talk about Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrix before but we also listen newer bands like Black Keys, but also different kind of music and basically our influences are from everywhere.


How difficult is to be known in Holland with this special rock blues sound that you have?

Well we are not like world famous, in the Netherlands.
I think we are more famous in other countries to tell you the truth.
Basically for a band like us with this sound, we were not been played on the radio stations, but that's ok.
Because we have our music and I like this music that we play, it’s a kind of music that naturally goes and sees bands like us.
Yeah we are not world famous, but in the same time we played in a very cool festivals and in the best clubs around so definitely I am not complaining.

The song that makes us try to find you is Queen of My Dreams. Tell us more about the ways that you inspire to make such a great songs.

Basically , I think everybody has a queen of his dreams and my queen of my dreams are at home right now, and when you are travelling abroad because we do a lot of shows in Germany and Eastern Europe, don’t think I’m soft (ha-ha) but sometimes you really miss your girlfriend and you want to go home.
But I think when you are on the road and travelling, sometimes is very cool to be on the road with your friends but there are some little times you'd rather go home and be the queen of your dreams.


I think that this question is the one that you expect. Personal heroes and influences.

Yeah well rock bands from the 60's and the 70's also newer bands but when we travelling we listen all kind of music. From Radiohead to Prince and from Michael Jackson to Led Zeppelin. Also Black Keys, Miles Davis and even sometimes we listen classical music, basically we listen everything.
And it's very cool to play with this guys we have no limits about the music. We are basically educating each other.
Sitting in the van it's ok when we go to a gig sometimes we had to drive our little van for more that 8 hours, you can imagine these smelly guys in a van, it is cool to have this conversations with each other, and for me definitely is more than just a music
Yeah been together, been interacting, get to know new people and getting to hear, all kind of stories.


Future live acts, future plans

Well now we are working on a new material and we are working together with a create team, young couple of guys but they are working in the advertising industry
They are really creative, they doing crazy stuff.
They are working with big brands during the week and weekends we get together we drink a couple of beers and we think crazy stuff.
We are working to make a new video clip, but it would be more than a video clip, it would be a whole concept which I can say too much but it would be definitely crazy.
Apart from that we plan to release this new thing by the end of the summer and after that we have new shows coming up in Netherlands and Germany. We have a booking agency in Hamburg but this is a completely different story.

Have you ever been in Greece, even as tourists?

Yeah definitely all three of us we've been to Greece, I thing Mark and Mathijs were in Greece with theirs girlfriends and spending a couple of weeks driving around, from Athens to different islands
Myself I’ve been to Greece a couple of times, I’ve been to Crete, and it was beautiful, i mean the weather, the sea and the landscape were beautiful and the people were nice. I was a couple years ago… I was with my family and my girlfriend, and we rent some bikes and went to the mountains. To climb the mountain is difficult but to go down were even difficult because my girlfriend fell of the bike, she fell on the street and she was bleeding but fortunately enough a guy with a car , local one, stopped and take us to the hospital and with a couple of stitches fortunately enough my girlfriend was alright . The experience was in one hand it was the end of the holiday but in the other hand the people it was really nice. That’s what I remember from that holiday.


Do you have any plans to visit us for live shows?

Well not at that moment but we definitely love to come over to Greece for live shows.
If there any venues or festivals or somebody organize the shows in Greece I would love to contact with these people because I would love to come to Greece. That would be absolutely amazing.

Give a message to the Greek fans

I would definitely love to come to Greece you guys rock, you are on the south part of Europe and you have one of most beautiful country with beautiful and kind people. You guys rock.


Τhanks for everything

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