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Interview with Craig Walker. New concept - Them There.

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Hello Craig.

Nice to hear from you again from Black Velvet Radio this time. Your stance in time remains the “revolutionary” music philosophy…
I dunno. I think music in the past has definitely changed people and influenced politics. Im not so sure music has that power or influence anymore.


In the previews interviews I didn’t ask you, if your goals that you target in your life as a new artist yet, became reality after all?
Ive been lucky in my life to be able to work at something I love as much today as I did when I became a professional aged 17.


What unexpected events you had until now in your carrier so far?
Theres been many. Recently I got to work with a member of Kraftwerk. This was a great moment for me as a huge fan of the band.


We mention your new sound and we would like to ask you how this collaboration becomes a new band with the name Them There?
Phoebe Killdeer and myself wrote the big hit for The Avener Fade Out Lines. That was the first song we ever wrote together and it became a huge international hit. It felt like a good idea to do more.


"Its hard not to get depressed these days with how unfair and uneven society has become."

We heard your new song “Blaze”. You are up to a new record and this one it was just a sample?
Blaze is the first single off the album that is finished and will be released later in 2018. We plan to release at least one more single before the album. The album will most likely be released october 2018.


We know from your previous works that the length of your songs is too long. Is there any chance some of your new songs would be with this kind of length?
I never know what direction I am going to go in so who knows? Im working with a lot of different artists in Berlin as a writer/producer and it really allows me to explore all kinds of music.


As you are looking for the things globally, how can you observe the evolution of society?
Its hard not to get depressed these days with how unfair and uneven society has become. It feels like the banks and corporations have won. They have taken over all the great cities and turned them into museums of the rich. Same with the obvious damage the planet is suffering from as a result of ´progress´. Progress today would be we all go back to the land and become farmers.


Do you believe in the progression of the music technology?
I live in Berlin. The home of techno. Its full of great young electronic producers making soulful electronic music. I love technology and how it has made recording music an affordable option for everyone..the downside is too many people are making music.


And we are going back to music. You are going to visit Greece again, in the near future maybe?
I hope so. I haven’t been for a few years. I do love Greece and its amazing people and spirit.


One of our favorite bands is INK. And we know that you collaborate in one song with them. Can you tell us more for this collaboration?
Chris is an old friend and he asked me to take part - I like their old school attitude and vibe. 

We would like to give a message to your fans here in Greece and for Black Velvet Radio also.
Go check out Them There Blaze guys. I think the single Blaze and the album when it comes will be something you might like.



Thanks in advance and we wish you the best of luck on your new music steps



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