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“The nights alive, I press you writhe in ecstasy, it's all that's meant to be...” Meet Brian Dalton


Hello Brian
Who is Brian Dalton? Feel free to introduce yourself.

I am a rock singer/songwriter from Missouri, USA. Music has been the focal point of my whole life it seems. It’s always been there and I absolutely love everything about it.


We listen your song “The Truth “and it was a catch. The truth is that we get serious because from the release of this song until the song “Drown”, you have a music gap of 4 years. Would you like to tell us why it took you so long?
“The Fall” is your debut EP. Would you like to share with us some story, some magic for this first try? We ought to say that the producing of “Drown” was extraordinary (at least)

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed ‘The Truth’. Yeah that’s a good question. I released my first EP “Dalton: The Fall” at the end of December in 2014 without really any direction on which outlets to get it to or how to go about doing it once I found them. So there was a period after it’s release where I was kind of grasping at straws trying to find a way to get the ep noticed which took time but ultimately it resulted in not only getting featured on several well-established music blogs and radio stations but my songs ‘The Truth’ and ‘My Apology’ took second and third in the Indie International Songwriting Contest in 2015. I started working on the preproduction of ‘Drown’ in August of 2016. It just took a long time to finish the music video due to scheduling conflicts, etc. and I wanted to release the song and the music video at the same time to make more of an impact.

Of course you reward us with the “Drown”. It’s a song that touches our listeners and especially us. The way you sing this song makes us feel that maybe it’s a personal experience. Is that true?

For sure ‘Drown’ is personal to me. Actually, it sort of evolved from a song about raw physical attraction into this portrait of the more destructive sides of having only that in relationships. I think that’s a part of life we can all relate to at one point or another. Where you know it’s bad for you, but at the same time, too good to let go.

Who are your music heroes and idols? With whom you want it eager to be on stage or in studio together?

Wow. That’s a tough one. Well, the first rock album I remember being introduced to was “...And Justice For All” by Metallica. And when I say introduced I mean that my older sister sat me down on the couch and practically blew my ear drums out playing it for me. I was hooked. So, James Hetfield is definitely an idol of mine. I’d have to say a close second is Jared Leto. The man is just awesome. If I could share a stage or record with either of them it would be a dream come true.But before I even knew who either of them were, I’d listened to my mother Becki Scheeter and her singing partner Leroy Eftink sing together all over the place for years. They were the ones that basically made me realize that you can go out and do this and be taken seriously for it if you put forth enough effort. Honestly they were probably my first inspiration with music.


How hard is to been known in the music industry of U.S.A?

Honestly? It can be tough. You have to be ok with being told “no.” A lot. But if you can push past that rejection and use it to fuel your drive to make something happen, you’ll eventually get a “yes.” It’s all about pushing for that next opportunity and actively seeking out new ones. It does require a lot of patience and a lot of luck. But more than that it requires the firm decision that you’re not going to stop until you make something happen. Luckily, with amazing people like all of you at Black Velvet Radio, artists still have hope that someone will believe in their work and support them along the way by doing interviews such as this one right here and playing their songs to a brand new audience of kick ass listeners. So thank you for that. I truly appreciate this opportunity and I’m honored that you reached out to me.



Future plans for new recordings and live shows?

In the coming months I will be getting back in the studio to lay down 3 more songs that I’ll be releasing as singles. After that I’ll be lining up a tour to push the new tracks and I couldn’t be more excited.

We want a message for the listeners here in Greece.

And to the amazing listeners in Greece: Thank you so very much for your support. From the bottom of my heart, it means the world to me. The new songs will be recorded soon and I cannot wait to get your feedback. Again, thank you and keep rocking.


Black Velvet Radio

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