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Interview with Hill Kourkoutis and the Sky Heroes !


Hello Hill Kourkoutis and all of the Sky Heroes

After reading your bio in your site we get dizzy. (
What is Hill Kourkoutis, except definitely artist by all means?

Haha! Well, making music and film is my profession and passion so it is a huge part of my life. I live, breathe and think about it every moment I am awake (and sometimes when I sleep!). But I also have a lot of other loves in my life. I love life, art, science, history, philosophy, family, friends, cooking, eating wonderful food and gardening. I believe that you can never be just one thing in your life. As a human being we can explore so many things and have many interests so I try to experience as many of the things that interest me as I can.

Tell us more about you and your Sky Heroes?

The Sky Heroes project came about when I had just gone solo but still wanted to maintain the dynamic of a band. The Sky Heroes are a rotating line-up of musicians that collaborate with me for the Hill & The Sky Heroes project. It’s a win/win situation because I can pursue my solo career and collaborate with amazing musicians and at the same time, the musicians don’t have to fully commit to the project! The Sky Heroes are also very dear friends of mine and in most cases; I’ve collaborated with them on their projects in some capacity as well. It’s a wonderful artist collective.


You are an awarded-winning songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, filmmaker (I took a breath) but in Europe you think it's more difficult to understand a Canadian true artist?

I don’t think so. I think Europe tends to be very open minded when it comes to art. I’ve always been blessed to have the support of European listeners. They have always seemed to get my music and the fact that I can’t necessarily stick to one thing but be involved in all aspects of my project and furthermore evolve.

From EP ‘Electric Matter’ the single “Beat’s In the Body” is that introduce you to us. On the other hand "Beam Me up" which has more "rock attitude" and "The Flame” with pop essences
What kind of music do you prefer to make and produce?

This is a difficult question! Each record I make tends to sound very different from the last because I usually have a few years in between records and over the course of a few years, your sound and inspiration tends to evolve. I get influenced by all kinds of music and art and that tends to dictate what kind of music I write and produce for myself. I have a feeling the next Sky Heroes record will be something completely different from the Alt/Rock of ‘11:11’ and the Retro Pop style that was on ‘Dark Days’ and ‘Electric Matter’.



Can you share with us your future plans?

I’ve been focussed on producing and writing for other artists these days as well as composing for Film/TV. I’m really excited about an album I produced for an incredible rock artist named SATE (who is also a Sky Hero). I’ve also produced albums for an alt-pop artist named Jules and a soul artist named Sandra Bouza whose records will be coming out this year. I’ll continue to produce and write and hopefully do the next Sky Heroes album! I’m feeling the itch…but am waiting for the spark to dictate which direction I’ll head towards. It is time.

Your last name sounds Greek, do you have any roots from Greece or it's a coincidence?

Nai, eimai Ellinida! My father’s family is from Paleokomi in Serres (Geiasou, Megas Alexandros!) and my mother’s family is from Lefkada and Kastoria. My parents grew up in Athina. I went to Greek school growing up, eat home cooked Greek food almost every day and we have a big souvla for Pasxa every year! I try to come back to Greece to visit as often as I can. I consider it an integral part of who I am and where I come from. It also influences my music in some ways as I love Greek music (and I have a bouzouki too!).

(PS. Kali Sarakosti!)

Would you give a message to the Greek audience and to Black Velvet Radio?

Thank-you for listening to my music and I hope to come visit Black Velvet Radio the next time I’m in Greece!




Hill’s true value in Canada shown brightly in this video of the Canadian Television


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