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Black Paisley gave us an interview about their biography and their new “music” steps


Hello guys !

Hi – appreciate the opportunity to introduce ourselves and the music.

Please feel free to introduce yourselves to the Greek audience…

Black Paisley is a five-piece band from Stockholm, Sweden including old wardogs and experienced musicians who finally, after a career as a cover band, decided to bring out some material on our own.


Your sound has straight rock lines with a touch of underground blues base. Maybe I’m wrong but some songs like "Ordinary Day'' and "Way to Something" has this "bluesy" noise. (Or dark country maybe)
Which is the real stuff you are made of? Which is the sound that you prefer to play live?

Growing up with bands like Zeppelin and Purple this was natural sound for us. We are also into the new American country rock wave and wanted to add some of those spices to the mix.
Live we noticed that a traditional setup with 2 guitars and Hammonds works best – and will for the next coming album (summer 2018) focus more on uptempo songs too.


If you have the chance to share the stage with two of your influences whom you eager to be with?

I’d say Zeppelin again and perhaps also Whitesnake.



After a long and successful years of a cover band how difficult were for you to decide and make your own record, with your own songs? How your fans react?

Well – I think most people were surprised and also impress and happy to say. Both by the decision to write some new music in this genre but also to do this a age were in 😊


Please can you tell us why took you so long to decide and make you own songs, because your sound is incredibly fresh and we need to hear such a sound from European bands.

I (Stefan) have been writing songs for many years and for other artists but never had the guts really to record them – it was later a decision by the other bandmates who insisted on trying out a recording an album.


I know it will be a very common question that we make but still it will be very interesting to tell us the story with the "Black Paisley" name.

It’s named after the signature guitar of Bon Jovi’s Richie Sambora.


We hope that you have dreams and plans for the future; can you tell us more about them?

From the beginnings this was the dream – to record and release an album with our own material. After have seen the response we are now very excited to continue this journey – and have spend the last 6 month writing and recording our second album (working title) “Perennials”, which will be a bit harder record than the last. We also want to get out on tour after this and hope to get some gigs at this summer’s festivals.

Have you ever been in Greece, even as tourists?

 Yes – I think most of us have been to Greece on different occasions – often related to holidays so all good memories 😊


Do you have any plans to visit us for live acts?

As mentioned above we’d love to come to Greece and play. We have seen that Greece along with Spain and Portugal are our strongest countries according number of fans and streams.


Thank you very much for you kindness and your patience.



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