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Interview with Blue October | The story, new album, new sound !


Blue October is an American alternative rock band from Houston, Texas.

The band was formed in 1995 and currently consists of Justin Furstenfeld (lead vocals, guitar), Jeremy Furstenfeld (drums, percussion), Ryan Delahoussaye (violin/viola, mandolin, piano, backing vocals), Matthew Ostrander (lead guitar), and Matt Noveskey (bass guitar, backing vocals). The band has ten top 40 singles over their past seven studio albums and is best known for their platinum singles "Hate Me" and "Into the Ocean" from their 2006 platinum album Foiled.
Justin Steward Furstenfeld (born December 14, 1975, in Houston, Texas) is a record producer, artist, author, and the lead singer, guitarist, and lyricist of the band.
Justin gets our eyes mainly from the single "Hate me" that makes us dig into his life an make him an example of strength, brightness and bravery. These dark days are over and we think the real Justin is here. The sound of the first single "I hope you're happy" caught us by surprise. The sound (more 'Peter Gabriel" outlook, Justin’s personal music icon), the light, the rhythm everything looks and felt different, bright full may say but true and honestly uplifting.
They are hoping for a Summer 2018 release of the album with the same name of the single "I Hope You’re Happy" They are just not sure yet if that will be early, mid or late Summer – but Summer for sure.
OPEN BOOK WINTER ALBUM is the second solo acoustic album from Justin Furstenfeld. The album was recorded live during Justin's one-man "Open Book" tour in January-February 2017, and was released November 24, 2017.
The songs on the album represent a mix of old unreleased 5591 songs (Define the Trail, Gun Metal Blue, Morning Everything), 5591 songs which have been released in some form by Blue October (Graceful Dancing, Sorry Hearts), songs which have seen official release on Blue October albums and a new previously unreleased song (Pink).

He kindly accepted to answer the five pack questions



The artist, the father and the icon. How hard and mind pushing is to keep the balance in the real life?

I just have to stay focused on one goal at a time. I truly enjoy being a father, it’s the absolute best thing that I’ve ever done. Being an artist is a blessing, everyday I am so grateful that I get to make art for a living. I have the best of both worlds. As far as me being an icon no way I’m an icon. Hahaha


Acoustic or electrify, pure logic or bright emotions, head or heart, sun or moon.

Electric, bright emotions, heart, moon…


Painting, writing, tattoo, music, lyrics. What you have inside to give you this strength of creation?
Or something else gives you the power to create in a multiple worlds?

Creation just comes from me. I can’t explain it but if there is a way to express myself I let tends to find any way I can and I do it.



Justin Furstenfeld : <<Inspiration is everywhere but they usually come from real life moments.>>


Tell us more about your new album with Blue October. New album new sound?

Simple, melodic, best album I’ve ever made because it isn’t about me. It’s about others ... my friends, total strangers, and loved ones. I wanted to listen and write what I’ve heard. Our best album yet.



Acoustic rock, modern rock but every label you put, it's still rock n roll. Inspiration tactics or real life moments?

Inspiration is everywhere but they usually come from real life moments.


We hope and pray to come to Greece one day (soon we hope) and to make this interview in person. You are a beacon of courage for everybody who have or had dark days in their lives but also a bright example how sadness and depression becomes creation, music and emotions.

Thanks you very much for everything you are!

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