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Interview with Leontas for their new songs and their plans!


Hello Alex and Scott

We are back again to see what happened these last four months.

You gave as a teaser before 4 months of the new double single and you told us that you would publish it on December 5.

And you gave us two songs, or a double single.

Stand out and Now!

Tell us more about these new "babies"



Hello to everyone from us once again! It’s good to be back.

Yes indeed since last time we spoke loads of things happened and the “cheery” was the release of our double single “Stand Out”

Before getting into details I’d like to say a big thank you to Andrea Lepori. He is the man who produced it and he did a fantastic job capturing the sound we were after. He has worked with numerous artists like U2, Jack Savoretti, and a lot more.

It was an absolute honour working with him!


Hello once again and thank you to your guys getting back in touch!

As Alex mentioned - a big shout out to Andrea for these two singles - it was out first time properly recording in a studio and we had a great time.


The sound, especially on  Stand Out” has "infected" the good old punk rock of the 80's.

Back to the basics? Or back to your favorite ones?



“Stand Out” is a song that like you said sounds a bit different from the rest. It’s got a more Punk kind of attitude; it comes however from a very honest place. We started writing it pretty much when the whole Brexit problem started in the UK.


“Stand Out” was a song influenced by other protest and old school sounding material we knew growing up. For me it has an old school skater vibe and is influenced by the American pop punk sound. It is a music throwback to events that are happening today - referencing Brexit and in some ways Mr Trumps rise of power. We wanted it to be fun and a song you can jump around to but at the same time carry a message.

The “Now" is more familiar to your sound (like Toxic love that we love). Different music inspiration or life statement?


Now is actually one of the first songs we started playing as a duo. It evolved massively though because it kept changing just like our sound did. Every time we would add some new elements or equipment into our sound, this song would grow bigger and bigger. Also It’s has a great impact every time we play it live, so we thought that it deserves to be recorded properly.

As mentioned by Alex we’ve progressed “Now” through several different versions - cleaning and perfecting as we go. It’s a song designed to get people listening and is one we’ve played as an opening song many, many times. It’s loud and angry and I’d say reflects a core sound of Leontas.

We heard that you are ready to make a trip to Greece. Is true? If these rumors are true, can you tell us, if you can of course more?


Indeed! We are currently getting ready to record our next Ep.
Five brand new songs that will shake the world! We are very excited!
Release is scheduled for sometime in May and naturally we will follow with a little European tour with last stop Greece.

We’re going to make you wait a little longer - but hopefully be back with details soon…watch this space!

In February 21, Wednesday on Black Velvet radio you will be our guests, we are going to have a full summary of what happened in 2017 for you. It's going to be an interview in two languages, English and Greek and I think, we going to have surprises to your fans and to our listeners.

That sounds very exciting! We will be happy to talk you through our songs and answer to any of your questions!

I may struggle with the interview in Greek, but this sounds amazing! We look forward to speaking to you later on this month!


So stay alerted and tuned on Black Velvet radio!


Black Velvet Radio


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