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Interview- The Howlin’ : «We like raw music and try to keep our productions raw and heavy»


Hello Joel, Tess, Nick, Isai, Bill and Joel
Hello The Howlin'

First of all, every nice relationship needs nice introduction. Let's introduce your selves to the Greek audience. 

In your bio at Facebook you wrote : “The Howlin’s discovery sails alive as the band takes you by the hand on their musical journey, discovering different genres they all personally feel connected to. 

Some band members are passionate old skool Hip Hop fans, while others prefer Alternative above anything else. Besides that, they all agree to Folk and Rock.»
Hip Hop, Folk and Rock with Soul, Funk... How can you manage that?

It’s not a goal to manage anything in particular; we write a lot of music and have a lot of different musical influences. I would say that every band member has a lot of different styles they love. It’s not that one likes Alternative and the other hip hop. We like it all. We’re releasing singles these days, we try to be free in were it takes us. Our next song might be totally different then Harmful. Maybe when we’ll record a debut album, we’ll try to stick to a specific message, but I think our style will always be broad.

It's very interesting music but who and how can you manage the balance for great result
like you accomplish, especially at «Harmful»?

I’m not sure if I understand the question fully. But we take every release as it comes, the freedom to explore our sound per single is important to us in this stage before a debut album.


Soulful and new blues all in one. Tell us about your influences as a band.

We have a long list of people who influence us as a group. From Tom waits to Connan Mockasin, From Jay Dilla to Tame impala, From the Black keys to Alabama Shakes. We like raw music and try to keep our productions raw and heavy.

Your first EP named "This Road". What do you want to express with this title? Something new and genuine or the road you want travel?

When we released “This road” we had just changed our band name, you might not know this but we were formally known as “Ashtraynutz”. The title “This road” and the lyrics in that title song definitely have to do with our musical journey. How we changed and how our music changed.

Do you have the great feedback of your songs in Holland like we have here in Greece?

Our journey is just beginning, but we can’t complain! We’ve received a lot of love from different places in the world. We aren’t that aware of all the great feedback from Greece, would love to play there on day!

We saw a great number of shows around your country. I think it's impossible not to have any requests from other countries. What are your plans for the future?

We would take any opportunity to perform in other countries. We’re slowly making steps to expand out of the Dutch borders, but first we want a good festival season in 2018 here in Holland.


Have you ever been in Greece? Even as tourists?

I went to Greece with my mother years ago as a young kid; still have great memories from that trip!

We'd love to see you in Greece with...fill the gap with an artist or bands you dreamed to share the stage with!

Not a specific artist... But we’d love to play with any of our influences: Black Keys, Alabama Shakes, Connan Moccasin, and of course Tom waits.

We are a newborn web radio and your wishes would be helpful. It will be perfect to say something to your fans here in Greece. (Everybody asking «who are these guys, they are great»)

Well…We are The Howling. We’ve been playing together most of our lives and won’t stop any time soon! We have an incredible amount of songs coming up and a lot of ideas we’re working on! So keep your ears open!

From now on you have friends in Greece, everything you do, it will pass through our radio .Every new single or EP or LP (we wishes you to do it fast, we can't wait..) Your songs it will pass through our lists all day long and through our live shows from the end of November and as long as we are on line. It would be a great pleasure to have you on Black Velvet Radio and we wait more music from you. Thanks a lot Joel !

Thank you for the kind words and your support! Hopefully we’ll see you in Greece one day!

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