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Interview Zero Gravitation – A band that often deal with human struggle and finding one's purpose, our choruses invite the audience to sing along and have a good time.


Sometimes, writing an intro-text for a band, is needless. For that reason we present to you Zero Gravitation with their photographs, songs and the exclusive interview which is substantial !



 We 've watching you closely for 6 months now but we think it's time for you to introduce yourselves to the Greek audience in the way you want and you know better.

Hey Black Velvet Radio! We are Zero Gravitation - an alternative pop-rock out of Germany. The
band consists of vocalist and guitarist Marc Mevissen and drummer Dana Dohmen. Coming from
the background of a traditional rock lineup we reformed the band as a duo in 2016.
We combine stadium-sized alternative rock with elements of electronica and pop. While our lyrics
often deal with human struggle and finding one's purpose, our choruses invite the audience to sing
along and have a good time.
Over the last years we played more than 100 shows and festivals in Germany and around Europe
and performed alongside German top acts such as Revolverheld and Wirtz.

After the winning of Schooljam Sonderpreis you had the necessary bust to open your wings?

After we won a special award at Schooljam in 2011 we got to play several bigger festivals and
shows. This got us more national recognition in Germany. Unfortunately, we had to part ways with
some of our members soon after, because we all ended high school and some of us had other things
in mind or moved to another city. Therefore we adjusted our sound, wrote new songs and got new

You had at your first LP (State of Emergency) at 2010 sounds like post punk (mind of a scarlet) or post rock (Jump) or even reggae (rainy mornings). On your second attempt (EP Rule the world) you became more pop but surely you sound more mature. What happened in between and you change your music destination?

This is also what happened in between of “State of Emergency” (2011) and “Rule the World”
(2016). Our first LP “State of Emergency” was written when we were 15 and 16 years old and later
recorded when we were 17. Our sound back then was a lot inspired by pop-punk bands we listened
to in our teens (like Green Day, Blink 182 and Paramore). After our first lineup change in 2012 we
decided to go a bit harder and wrote new songs. It took us (Marc and Dana) three years to come true
to ourselves and realize that this was not the style we wanted to continue with. This eventually took
us to our trio lineup that we recorded “Rule the World” with.

Your new song called "One Man Show" and it's darker than ever before. Tell us about it

A month after the release of “Rule the World” in early 2016 we had to part ways with our last
guitarist and therefore decided to stay a duo. We continued the last live shows as a trio, but started
to reform our sound at the same time. One Man Show was the first song we wrote as a duo and as
our guitarist just left the band we decided to leave out guitars for the very first time in one of our
songs. We didn't really know where we wanted to go with the new sound so we just started jaming
and “One Man Show” was born in less than an hour.
The dark vibes are due to a lot of things we were personally going through over the years. False
friends, the corrupt music industry and reinventing our sound and style every time when we parted
ways with band members left us a bit exhausted. Especially the sudden departure of our former
guitarist just after the release of “Rule the World” hit us hard as we didn't know how to go on with
the band at first. However, being a duo is working very well for us – we love it - but we put a lot of
our past fears into that new sound.

You had a wonderful idea to make the clip of ''My Hero'' by taking their heroes from boys and girls around the world.Tell us about the song at first and the idea to make this video.

“My Hero” was already recorded when we released “Rule the World”, but it didn't really fit the
style of the rest of the songs. Therefore we decided to release it as a single. We wanted to find out if
people are up for a more catchier and less heavier sound coming from us. The video idea was kind
of an experiment as we wanted to see if we could gather enough people to fill a full song. In the end
it worked out very well and people loved the idea behind the video.

You had more than 100 lives shows,what was the best one?

We played a lot of shows all over Germany, but the best so far was a small Hungary tour in 2013.
We have been there for the first time and we didn't expect anyone to knows us there, but the crowds
knew all the lyrics to our songs, sang along and were going wild. It's great to go to a foreign country
and be welcomed like this.


With whom you want to share the stage again?

We shared the stage with German topact “Wirtz” twice. He's a super nice and down-to-earth guy
from our hometown who struggled for years to make it in the music industry, but now he is
headlining some of the biggest festivals here in Germany. It is always a pleasure to share a stage
with him and to exchange experiences. He is definitely an inspiration for us to not give in and
always keep pushing forward. We would love to share the stage with him again in the future.

Your ''dream come true'' artist or band you want to share the stage with?

We get a lot of inspiration from bands we personally enjoy listening to. Those include bands like
PVRIS, 30 Seconds To Mars, Twenty One Pilots and Bring Me The Horizon. You can definitely
hear their influences in our songs and we would me more than honoured to share a stage with them.

Your next music steps?

We are about to release a new 6-track EP called “Ocean” this fall. “One Man Show” was the first
song to be released and another one (coming with a music video as well) is following in September.
Although we left out guitars in “One Man Show” we decided to include them on the rest of the EP.
This means that Marc will play the guitar at live shows again and they will be heavier than on “Rule
the World”, but the overall sound will focus more on electronic elements in general.
We will play some shows in Poland in September and start promoting the new EP in fall. We are
currently planning shows in Germany for the end of the year. North America is on the list for 2018.

Did you have any plans to visit Greece for live show or even as tourists?

We've only been to Greece as tourists so far, but playing shows there is definitely on our list for the
future. We'd love to come!

We wish all of the listeners to "Always stay true to themselves and to always keep their heads up. No matter who you are: you are free, you are loved and you matter. Never be afraid to speak out your mind and to stand your ground, but most importantly be kind to everyone. We are all equal."
Best ZG

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