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Interview with Inglorious | Nathan James



Good day Nathan, I hope I find you safe and well and thank you for this opportunity. I felt in love with Inglorious from the first album back in 2016. Let me tell you that I can’t get enough of the “Holy Water” song.

Thanks man! I really am proud of that one.





How are things there with the covid-19? Do you believe that we are close to the end of this situation?

I FUCKING HOPE SO! I miss singing so much and I miss making music with the guys. We really did feel like we were on a roll before all this shit happened so it’s gonna be good to pick up where we left off and also this time come at people with 2 new records to add to the setlist.



How did you spend your time during the period of lockdown?

The first couple of months I spent it with my family and my pets, of which I have many! So that was really nice, then I went into the studio with the band and we recorded “We Will Ride” and also our new new album “Heroine”. So lots of writing, recording, drinking, eating, family time and cuddles with my animals.




In February you released the “We Will Ride” album and in September you will be releasing the “Heroine” album. Who came up with the idea of covering female songs?

That was my idea. I love female voices and im always trying to push myself vocally and nothing pushes you more than when you’re covering female songs. I don’t think women in rock are celebrated enough and I really have to thank all the artists I have covered because without them I would not sing the way I do. Its not just Coverdale, Hughes and Rodgers.





What can your fans expect from this album?

A few surprises, I wanted it to represent many genres and styles and also be interesting to the listener. Not everything be a rock we tried to keep the spirit of the originals but add our own inglorious flare. Also the day the album is out people will get to hear me and the guys with Jeff Scott Soto on the awesome evanescence song, Bring me to life.




You will be touring through England in autumn. Any chance to continue in Europe afterwards?

We don’t know just yet but we are looking into a tour next year for the spring I believe, so fingers crossed and let’s hope covid goes away for good!





How the music industry treating you? Do you believe that social media and You Tube are the necessary “evil” or a very good instrument for musicians to approach new fans?

I am at an age now where I don’t care at all. I’ve seen it all, been called the worst things and I just don’t read it. The praise is great, but the bad stuff outweighs it in my opinion. I am very jealous of my heroes that never had to deal with the trauma of the internet and sad trolls online back in the 70s and 80s.




What is the driving force behind the band? What is the essential thing that makes you going on and on, creating, composing, playing?

All of the above. I live and breathe for this band. I’m so proud of everything we have done and I can’t imagine not doing it. It’s a lot of fun and when I’m on stage I really am living my wildest dreams as a teenager who wanted to sing rock and roll music for a living.








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